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How To Work When You Have To Pump Your Grease Trap During The Work Day

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Restaurants are often busy places, especially in the back and the kitchens. Food preparation, food cooking, and staff running back and forth are some things that you will see throughout the day. The day you have a full restaurant is not always a good day to get a grease trap pumped, but you may not be able to help it. If your grease trap is full, you will need to have it pumped so that you do not have the tramp backed up and have the floors of your restaurant become a hazard. If you have to get your grease trap pumped while your restaurant is opened, here are some ways to make sure that it does not bother the day.

Cordon off that part of the kitchen 

If you are getting the grease trap pumped, it is a good idea to get started at the beginning of the day. This is because the pumping equipment can make the restaurant hot, so it is best to get it pumped before the sun is high and the temperature has gone up. Have the commercial grease trap pumping company set up shop as soon as you are open and cordon off the area that they are using in order to ensure that they can do their job uninterrupted. Have meal prep happen in another area of the restaurant and limit any walking near the pumping equipment. 

Have a pleasant scent filtering through the restaurant

Grease trap pumping can cause a harsh, unpleasant scent. When you have visitors in your restaurant, you want to cut down on this as you do not want the smell to overpower the smell of the food. Have a nice scent wafting through your restaurant through this process for the pleasure of your customers and staff. To do this, you can add a scented filter to your air conditioner. You can also light scented candles, set up diffusers with scent and place potpourri in a number of places around the restaurant. If you have a romantic or date restaurant, you should place scented flowers at each table for an added touch. 

Have the janitorial team on standby 

Although the janitorial staff will typically clean the floor of the restaurant at the end of the night, it is important to scrub the floors after cleaning the grease traps properly. Any splashes or grease residue create a major hazard for the staff. Have the janitorial staff apply abrasive cleaner to the floors in order to mop the floors to get rid of any and all grease.