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3 Smart Ways To Take Care Of Your Septic Tank Drainage Field

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Your septic tank drainage field is where the water that has gone through your septic tank goes through its last filtration process before it enters with the groundwater again. You want to take good care of your septic tank drainage field as well your septic tank in order to keep this important process working correctly.

#1 Keep Water Away from Your Drainage Field

The first thing that you need to do is make sure that you keep water away from your drainage field. Your drainage field is already dealing with enough water; you don't want to add additional water to the drainage field. Additional water can overwhelm your drainage field.

That means you need to make sure that you keep your gutters clean and your downspout pointed in the right direction. You want the water to flow away from your home, not towards your septic tank drainage filed. When you drain a hot tub, pool, or anything else with lots of water, do not drain it out through your drains and into your septic system. Do not let the water flow into your drainage field other.

#2 Keep Pressure Away from Your Drainage Field

Second, you need to make sure that you keep the pressure away from your drainage field. Too much pressure on your drainage field can compress the soil in your drainage field and can damage this important part of your septic system.

That is why you should not park any vehicles on your drainage field, including recreational vehicles, such as an ATV or boat. You don't want to put additional pressure on the soil. This should also not be where you set-up your dog run or put up a net for your kids to play soccer. You want to keep the activity around your drainage field as restricted as possible.

#3 Be Careful with Plants

Finally, you don't want to plant anything near your drainage field that has deep roots. Anything with deep roots, such as trees and some shrubs, is going to reach out and try to gain access to all the water and moisture that is contained within your drainage field. When this happens, the pipes in your drainage filed can become damaged.

You can plant vegetation around your drainage field, just make sure that you keep it to things with short root systems such as grass and flowers.

Be smart with your septic drainage filed and keep water away from your drainage field, keep pressure off the soil on your drainage field, and be careful with what you plant on or near your drainage filed. For more information, contact your local septic tank repair services.