Watch Out For These Septic System Problems

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3 Things To Do To Keep Your Septic System Running Properly

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Having your own septic system means that you will have maintenance to do for it if you want to avoid problems and keep it running properly. While there is not a lot of maintenance you will need to do for your septic system, there are three main things you should do that will keep your system up and running properly for many years.

Be cautious with what you place in your drains

The first type of maintenance is more like daily habits you develop in order to protect your septic system. This type of maintenance basically involves being very cautious with what you decide to place in your drains. Your septic system was designed in a way to only handle certain things, which include wastewater and biodegradable products, such as toilet paper. Anything else you place down your drains could cause harm to the system, and this even includes using too much soap or cleaning products. Placing too much food down your drains can even cause problems with your system.

Spread out your water usage

The second type of maintenance is another type of lifestyle change you may need to develop, and this one involves finding ways to spread out your water usage. When a septic system receives too much water at once, it cannot process it well. Therefore, spreading out the usage of your water can help the system process all the water it receives, and this too will help increase the lifespan of the system. One good way to do this is by spreading out your loads of laundry throughout the week instead of doing it all on the same day.

Hire a company to pump the tank every few years

Finally, you should aim to get your tank pumped every few years, whether you think it needs it or not. Getting on a schedule for this is the best option you have, and you could choose to do this every two years, every three years, or every four years. You should, however, ask a septic system company how often they recommend doing this, and you should then stick to the schedule they give you.

Developing these habits and lifestyle changes, along with getting regular septic tank pumping services, will help your system last longer. If you have not had your system pumped in the last few years, you can schedule pumping services by contacting a company that offers septic tank services.