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Valuable Features To Look For In A Portable Bathroom Service Truck For Sale

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Your investment in a portable restroom service truck for sale places you in a position to be an effective business professional. Take a look at some of the valuable features to look for in the vehicles available. 

1. Make sure the tank itself is made out of the best materials. 

The material the tank is made out of is usually one of the first things buyers examine, and by all rights, it should be. You can find a portable restroom service truck with tanks made out of everything from stainless steel to carbon steel, and each material has its own set of advantages. For example, carbon steel is really lightweight, which boosts overall fuel efficiency. However, stainless steel tends to be more durable in spite of its additional weight. 

2. Look for an onboard safety equipment station. 

Work with human waste puts you right in harm's way because of the nature of the material. It is critical that you have a place on your vehicle where you can handle emergencies quickly. Some trucks are outfitted with a safety equipment station complete with things like an eyewash station and fire extinguisher. 

3. Make sure the truck is equipped with closable storage cabinets. 

Having additional storage on your portable restroom service truck means you have a way to haul tools and keep extra hoses and materials tucked away neatly. Take a look at the storage vessels available on any truck you are considering. The best option is always a truck that has a series of cabinets, which allows you to keep things neatly tucked away out of sight and allows you to install a lock to keep your equipment protected. 

4. Look for an epoxy-coated catwalk. 

When you are moving around on the catwalk beside the tank, you do not want to be slipping and sliding around. A lot of the older portable bathroom service trucks were made with basic metal catwalks, which served the purpose but offered little in the way of fall prevention. More modern trucks are usually outfitted with catwalks that have been treated with an epoxy finish, which is easy to clean and helps you maintain stable footing. 

5. Make sure the truck has a well-designed high-pressure pump system. 

Of course, the truck is going to be used for pumping waste, so the better the pressure pump on the vehicle, the more efficiently and quickly you can do your job. Generally speaking, a motor that has higher RPMs is going to deliver a better performance. 

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