Watch Out For These Septic System Problems

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Answers To Your Basic Septic System Questions

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If you are having a home built, it may not always be practical or possible to have it connected to the local sewer system. This will make it necessary to have a septic system installed so that the wastewater can be safely removed from the house.

Will A Septic Tank Make Your Yard Smell Foul?

Some homeowners may be concerned about these systems making their yards smell like sewage. However, these systems are buried deep underground, and this should prevent any foul smell from escaping. In situations where you smell sewage in the yard, it may indicate that a leak has developed, and the system will need to be repaired. Failing to have this done may cause the problem to get dramatically worse, which will increase the repair expenses.

Can You Still Have A Septic System If Your Soil Does Not Have Good Drainage?

In order to dispose of the wastewater produced by your home, the septic system will release the processed water into the soil. However, some homeowners will assume that their yard's poor drainage will make this type of system impossible to install. Luckily, it is often possible to overcome this problem by increasing the size of the drainfield. Making the drainfield larger will allow the wastewater to be disbursed over a broader area, which can compensate for soil that is not efficient at allowing water to drain away. By having your soil tested, you will be able to know whether your system will require these modifications.

What Is Need To Keep A Septic System Functioning Smoothly?

Septic systems are designed to operate with minimal maintenance work. However, there are still some basic tasks that you will need to do to keep it functional. Typically, this will involve pumping the system clean every few years. Some homeowners may think that they also need to use septic additives, but these can actually cause bacterial imbalances in the septic system. This can severely impact its ability to process solid waste, and this can clog the system.

A modern home that lacks access to a local sewer system will need a septic system. These systems can be surprisingly complicated, and inexperienced homeowners will be uninformed about this essential part of their plumbing. Once you are aware that these systems will not normally make the yard smell foul, the fact that poor drainage can be overcome and the maintenance care that will be required for this system it will be easier to understand what is needed to get the most out of your home's new septic system.

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