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3 Reasons To Leave Your Septic Tank Installation To The Professionals

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So you need a new septic tank for your home, but you need it installed on a budget. With that in mind, you may be tempted to install that new septic tank yourself. After all, how hard can it be? As it turns out, there are plenty of reasons why this is one job you should leave to the seasoned professionals.

The Professionals Have the Knowledge and the Right Tools

You might be familiar with refinishing cabinets, repairing plumbing fixtures and other minor DIY work, but chances are this is the first time you've ever installed a septic tank in your own yard. The professionals, on the other hand, deal with septic tank installations and repairs on a regular basis. Simply put, the professionals have the knowledge, expertise and experience needed for a successful installation.

The professionals will also have access to specialized tools and equipment needed to remove your old septic tank and install the new one in its place. The average homeowner usually doesn't of access to excavating or trenching equipment, for example.

A DIY Install May Be More Expensive Than You Think

Homeowners often cite the cost of professional installation as a major factor in going the DIY route. DIY installations can be a great way to save money on an otherwise expensive home improvement project. However, there are circumstances where self-installation can prove more expensive over the long run.

There are a wide variety of issues you could run into during your DIY septic tank installation, including disposal of the old septic tank and any environmental remediation that needs to be done before installing the new tank. These issues can increase the cost of your DIY project. Without the expertise and knowledge of a professional, it's easy for installation costs to spiral beyond what the professionals may charge for the same task.

Your Area May Not Allow DIY Installations

Keep in mind that many local governments not be eager to let do-it-yourselfers perform their own septic tank installations. In some areas, DIY installations may be specifically prohibited by law. Other locales may refuse to issue permits to homeowners wanting to install their own septic tanks due to safety and liability concerns.

In places that do allow you to install septic tank systems on your own, you may still be faced with a variety of unique requirements. For instance, you may be required to take and pass an installer's exam before you can start work on your installation. You'll also need to pull the required permits prior to the install and follow all of your state and local rules governing septic system work.