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Planning An Outdoor Event? 4 Tips To Eliminate Problems With Your Portable Toilets

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If you're planning an outdoor event, you'll want to plan for the restroom facilities. The last thing you want is to have your event filled with uncomfortable guests. If the location you plan on using doesn't have public restroom access, or there aren't enough restrooms for your guests, you'll want to rent a few portable toilets for your guests. If you've never rented portable toilets from a company like Five Star Septic Service And Portable Toilet Rentals before, here are some handy tips that will help eliminate any potential problems.

Ask About Permits

Depending on where you plan on holding your event, you may need to secure permits for the use of portable toilets. Whether you're using your own property or public property, you don't want to have the festivities come to a grinding halt because you didn't secure the proper permits for your portable toilets. The city may want to come out and inspect the area where you plan to place the portable toilets, so make sure you have a location chosen in advance.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

When it comes to renting portable toilets, you want to make sure you give yourself plenty of time. Be sure to schedule the delivery of your portable toilets for at least one day in advance of your event. You don't want them delivering your portable toilets while your guests are arriving. When it comes to choosing a date for the pickup, try to arrange pickup for the day after your event. That way, you have restroom facilities available for any last minute stragglers and for the cleanup crew to use while your event is being taken down.

Put Them on Solid Ground

When you're planning the location for your portable toilets, make sure you choose an area that's on solid ground. The last thing you want is for your portable toilets to tip over while someone is inside. You should also choose a location that's easily accessible from anywhere at the event. If you're expecting rain during the event, be sure to provide cover for the immediate area around the portable toilets. That way, your guests stay dry while they're waiting in line for the toilets.

Make Sure They Stay Clean

During the event, your portable toilets may get dirty, especially if you're expecting a crowd. You don't want your guests to be greeted by dirty, smelly toilets. To avoid that, you should put someone in charge of toilet sanitation. Keep a spray bottle filled with bleach and water on hand to wipe down the facilities, and keep the germs and odor under control.