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3 Helpful Tips When Ordering Portable Restrooms For A Construction Site

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If you manage construction projects, there will be times when there's no access to a bathroom. That's where portable restrooms come in handy. They'll give everyone a convenient location to take care of their business. If you plan on ordering some for your construction site, keep these tips in mind. 

Figure Out an Ideal Quantity Amount

So that you don't have to spend more than necessary on these portable toilets, it's important that you order the right quantity. This will depend on how many workers there are on your construction site. What you'll need to do is take a head count.

Once you have this number, you can talk to the company who's renting out the portable restrooms. Based on past projects they've helped with, they should be able to recommend an ideal unit figure for the number of employees you have. Then, there shouldn't be a problem with bathroom wait times at all. 

Choose the Right Features 

Portable restrooms come with all sorts of unique and practical features today. It's key  to think about what your portable restrooms come with, so that workers on your construction site can make the most out of these rental units. Handrails are always good to include. They'll make it easier to get on and off the toilet, which is particularly important for workers with mobility issues. 

Having ample light in these restrooms is important, and this won't be an issue when you order portable restrooms with clear tops. Ample sunlight will fill each portable restroom. Also think about portable restrooms with textured floors, as they'll prevent workers from slipping when they enter and leave. 

Designate a Proper Location 

Unfortunately, you can't just place portable restrooms on your construction site randomly. You need to be strategic about this placement. Ideally, the ground needs to be completely level. This design will prevent the portable restrooms from accidentally tipping over.

The ground also needs to be stable. You don't want the portable restrooms sinking in the ground and then being difficult to get out later on. Finally, try choosing a location where a lot of your construction workers will have easy access to the restrooms during the day.

So many construction companies rely on portable restrooms for projects where there isn't easy access to bathrooms. If you need some for your construction site, take your time working out important details of this rental. The more you research and plan, the better decisions you can ultimately make.