Watch Out For These Septic System Problems

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Empty Your Septic Tank If You Notice Any Of These Signs

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It is no surprise that septic systems are often neglected; some new homeowners or occupants don't even know where their septic tanks are located. This often leads to negligence, and when this happens, the septic tank will speak out by exhibiting the signs detailed below. 

It Is Been Long Since the Last Septic Pumping 

When did you last pump your septic tank? If it has been years since the last pump, consider scheduling another septic tank pumping. Ideally, you should record every septic pumping to keep track of the schedule. 

Slow Draining

Have you noticed that your kitchen sink, toilet, dishwasher, and washing machines take longer to drain? Check if there are food particles or grease blocking your kitchen sink. You can pour hot water to dislodge the grease and food particles. If these DIY attempts don't fix the slow drain, hire professionals to pump your septic tank. This is necessary if your home has several drain pipes that aren't working. 

Foul Smell

It is hard to ignore foul odors, no matter how hard you try to overlook them. Even your neighbors may begin complaining about the foul smell. If the smells are left unresolved, your neighbors may lodge complaints with local authorities. The foul smells could also be a health concern for you and your family. Thus, schedule septic tank pumping and cleaning if you notice these bad smells coming from your septic tank. 

Luscious Patch on Your Lawn 

If you've been struggling to maintain a healthy and luscious green lawn and suddenly part of your lawn begins to flourish, it could be due to septic system leaks. Your lawn is getting extra sustenance from the leaking septic tank, allowing it to flourish. This is easy to spot since you will notice that patches closer to the tank are healthier than the rest of the lawn. 

Sewer Backup Through Pipes 

This sign is hard to overlook since it raises health concerns for everyone living in your home. If the septic tank is full, any additional waste added to it will seek an exit point. Typically, the system will leak to areas surrounding the tank but can also back up through your pipes. When this occurs, you will notice the sewage backup in your bathroom sinks and tubs. This will begin affecting the sinks that are closest to your septic tank.

Schedule septic tank pumping immediately when you notice these signs.