Watch Out For These Septic System Problems

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When Should You Consider Emptying A Septic Tank?

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If your home relies on a septic system to treat wastewater, you shouldn't let the tank get full. This is the crucial maintenance task you need to prioritize to ensure sewage is collected and treated efficiently. 

If you fail to schedule septic cleaning appointments on time, the sewage water will overflow and create a mess in the yard or backup into your house and cause damage. It's best to learn the key signs that the septic tank is full so you can empty it on time. Some of these signs are outlined below.

It's Been a Long Time Since the Last Cleaning

One absolute way to know if you need to clean your septic tank is to determine when you last sought the service. If you are keen on its maintenance, you likely have a customized schedule that you adhere to. Usually, this service is required every few years, so the exact interval will depend on factors specific to your home. 

Some of these factors include the volume of wastewater you produce each day, the quantity of solid waste, the size of the house, and the size of the sewage treatment system. So, if it's been a long time since you called septic pumpers to clean out your tank, it might be time to do so.

You Can See Pools of Standing Water 

You should be concerned when you notice pools of standing water in your yard or near the tank's drainage area. This clearly indicates that your tank is fully loaded to its capacity, so the extra wastewater being channeled from your home is causing an overflow. 

If sludge levels are too high, the solid waste can get into the pipes and be transferred into the drainage field. Such solid waste is harmful to the environment and shouldn't be allowed to stay in the yard for too long. Once you see wastewater pools, call a septic pumping service.

Awful Smells Are Coming from the Tank

Generally, a septic tank is designed to withhold all the odors, so they don't reach the house or your neighborhood. But, if the tank is full or backed up, it will release bad smells of the tank content into the air. This will not only affect your stay inside the building but also outside. 

So, make sure you empty and clean out the tank immediately to eliminate the bad smells. Once the tank is clean, the unit will function efficiently, and there will be no awful odors.