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Options For Your New Septic System

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When it comes to septic system installation, choosing the right option is crucial for your plumbing's long-term health and functionality. Homeowners may not realize the full range of options when choosing a new septic system to install.

Traditional Septic Systems

Traditional septic systems are still one of the most common options for homeowners. A primary advantage of conventional septic systems is their affordability and ease of maintenance. They are also relatively easy to install, which can save homeowners money.

However, traditional septic systems do have some disadvantages. They have a limited capacity, which can be an issue for larger households or commercial properties. Additionally, conventional systems have the potential to contaminate groundwater if not properly maintained. Therefore, it is vital to ensure regular maintenance and pumping of the system to prevent environmental issues.

Aerobic Treatment Units

Aerobic treatment units are a newer option that has recently gained popularity. These systems use oxygen to break down wastewater more efficiently, producing cleaner wastewater. They also have the benefit of reducing odors, making them more discreet.

While aerobic treatment units effectively treat wastewater, these systems have some significant drawbacks. This results in them being more costly than traditional septic systems. Additionally, aerobic treatment units typically have a higher installation cost, making them less affordable for some homeowners. Lastly, these systems may be more vulnerable to issues from heavy rain, which can be a problem for homes in areas that regularly experience intense storms.

Mound Septic Systems

In addition to traditional and aerobic treatment unit options, other septic system installation options are available. Mound systems are an alternative option that may be a better fit for certain properties or soil types. Mound systems are ideal for properties with high groundwater levels. This system installs the drain field in an elevated mound. This aids in allowing the water to filter through the layers of dirt before it seeps into the groundwater. Installing this type of septic system will require more visible changes to your property. However, this may be the most effective option if your property has elevated groundwater.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for choosing a new septic system. When it comes to septic system installation, making the right choice can save you money, time, and headaches in the long run. Thoroughly reviewing the benefits and disadvantages of these systems will give you the information to make an intelligent decision that will benefit both your plumbing and your property.

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