Watch Out For These Septic System Problems

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Signs You Need To Hire Septic Cleaning Services

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Septic pumping isn't always enough to keep the system working efficiently. You'll have to invest in septic maintenance and cleaning as well. But when is the perfect time to hire septic cleaning services? You should get the septic system cleaned once you spot the following signs.

You Haven't Cleaned Your Tank in Ages   

Most homeowners will have their septic tanks pumped but forget to have them cleaned. As such, their tanks might go for a few years without being cleaned. Unfortunately, that mistake might affect your tank's lifespan and efficiency. If you can't recall the last time you invited a septic cleaning service, don't hesitate to do it.

Awful Smell

Your septic tank shouldn't smell bad if you have been pumping and cleaning it often. So, if an awful odor comes from your backyard, your septic system is highly likely to have an issue. Therefore, you must invite a plumber or an expert in septic systems to diagnose the problem. 

The sewer smell can also linger around your compound even after pumping your septic tank. And if that's the case, you should get the entire system cleaned.

Slow Drains

You can't expect your drains to be fast if you haven't been servicing your septic system. If you notice that water in the sinks and bathtub takes longer to drain, there could be a problem with the septic system. 

Maybe the septic tank is full or hasn't been cleaned in years. As a result, if you invite a septic pumping service, ensure they clean out the tank and sewer line. They will fix the sluggish drains by getting rid of the solids.

The Septic Tank Fills Up Too Fast

If you choose the right septic tank for your household, it should take longer to fill up. Unfortunately, things might change after some years. You'll notice that the tank fills up quickly, and you must call a septic pumping service often. And unless your family size has increased, the tank shouldn't fill at a fast rate. 

The only explanation is that your tank no longer has enough bacteria to break down solid waste. Therefore, solid waste accumulates quickly, forcing you to regularly invite a septic pumping service. The problem will recur until you invest in a septic cleaning service. Cleaning the tank removes all the substances that destroy helpful bacteria. At least the bacteria will have a good environment to multiply and digest the solid waste much faster.

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